What are some of the best ways to use Monday docs?

In the digital workspace, finding tools that declutter your workflow is gold. monday.com's Docs are one such gem, bringing a dynamic and versatile approach to documentation that reminds us why, when it comes to work, technology is a beautiful thing. 

I mean, does anyone remember what documentation used to entail? Ouch.

As we explore the multifaceted uses of monday Docs, we'll also uncover how integration with the new Sundae app elevates these documents from internal assets to public-facing resources that market, inform, and sell for your brand.

The versatility of monday docs

  • A central repository for creativity and collaboration: monday Docs acts as a multi-purpose whiteboard and a central repository for notes, ideas, and all kinds of creative media. This flexible platform is perfect for group projects, brainstorming sessions, and meeting notes, providing an integrated space within monday.com’s Work OS.

  • Seamless access and autosave features: The ability to access your work from any device eliminates the old nightmare of file hunting. Coupled with autosaving, monday Docs ensures that your creative and administrative efforts are never lost due to a missed save, hard drive crash, or connection issue.

  • Real-time collaboration and feedback: Streamlined collaboration features in monday Docs mean that team members can access the same document and make edits or leave feedback in real time. In this way, platforms like monday.com have facilitated the welcome shift to remote work. This has a massive impact on job accessibility in developing countries, as well as workforce diversification in global companies. This feature fosters a truly collaborative environment, enhancing team dynamics and project efficiency.

  • Enhanced document customization and design: The monday platform brings vast customization options, including changing text types, colors, and formats, and adding links, and a range of dynamic blocks and interactive features. This flexibility supports a range of documentation needs, from formal reports to creative presentations, with no need to leave the platform.

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  • Incorporating diverse media: Embedding videos, images, and other media types into documents brings them to life, offering a rich, engaging experience that transcends traditional text documents. In fact, monday docs look so good, it’s kinda sad that you can’t publish them...or can you? More about this later!

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  • Robust sharing options: monday Docs provides various sharing options, catering to different privacy and collaboration needs. These include options for internal visibility, private collaboration, and external sharing through links.

  • Unique applications of monday Docs

  • Interactive project plans and roadmaps: use monday Docs to create interactive roadmaps and project plans. Embed relevant boards and timelines in docs, and embed docs in relevant boards to provide a comprehensive view of project progress and future milestones, and turn any word/s into an action item with a click.

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  • Dynamic employee onboarding manuals: Craft engaging and informative onboarding manuals. Integrate quizzes, videos, and interactive elements to make the onboarding process more engaging for new hires, and track onboarding progress in a project board with monday’s own handy onboarding template.

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  • Customer feedback collection: Create documents to gather customer feedback. Use interactive checkboxes within the document to streamline the feedback collection process, then use monday’s built in sharing options, or the new Sundae app, to share them, but more about this later.

  • Marketing-content development: Use Monday Docs for brainstorming and developing marketing content. Collaborate in real-time with your marketing team to refine strategies and content creation. Create and work on your monday docs straight from your project board.

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  • Educational resources and training modules: Upskilling is a great way to boost creativity and innovation while keeping workers engaged and driven. Develop training modules and gather educational resources in your Monday docs. Embed instructional videos, interactive quizzes, interactive checklists for multiple choice questions, and detailed guides to enhance learning experiences. 

  • Your monday docs can now go live in a click with the new Sundae app

  • From internal doc to public website: Sundae's integration with Monday.com enables you to transform your internal documents into publicly accessible websites, with no strings or complex sign ups attached. This feature is ideal for sharing knowledge bases, product wikis, or company information with a broader audience. In fact, we think it’s so sweet that we publish our own blog (this one!) from monday.com with Sundae. Check it out.

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  • Customization and branding: With Sundae, you can customize these websites to align with your brand's identity. Select from various templates and design elements to create a website that’s unique, sleek, and professional. In fact, sundae supports many of the block types from monday docs, so you can publish polished pages in a minute.

  • SEO optimization and analytics: Through Sundae’s custom code feature, integration with analytics tools provides insights into how your audience interacts with your content. Sundae's SEO settings allow for fine-tuning of how your site appears in search results. SEO with Sundae is about consistency. Regular updates, monitoring, and adjustments are key to making a mark in the search world. Luckily, Sundae makes it refreshingly easy. Key settings include:

  • Site title: Keep it between 50-60 characters for optimal display.

  • Description: A concise yet informative summary, ideally 50-160 characters.

  • Keywords: Select 5-10 relevant keywords, avoiding stuffing.

  • Social image: Use a clear, relevant image and test its display on different platforms.

  • Engaging interactive elements: Enhance your documents with interactive elements like checklists and Gifs. This capability turns static documents into dynamic resources that actively engage your audience. 

  • Instant one-click updates and scalability: Update your documentation with ease, as changes made in monday Docs can be instantly reflected on your Sundae-published site, just by clicking “Publish Changes”. As your business grows, Sundae's scalable infrastructure ensures your documentation is so much more than boilerplate...it’s colorful, dynamic, and current.

  • In conclusion

    Monday Docs, in conjunction with the all-new Sundae from Crazy Ant Labs, offers an expansive and creative realm for documentation management and publishing. 

    From deep collab and remote work within teams to sharing sleek professional documentation, help sites, wikis, blogs, and marketing pages with the world, these tools together mark a significant leap in how businesses approach and manage their knowledge resources.

    You’ll be blown away by how easy it is with Sundae. From docs to sites in under a minute. It’s sweet and refreshing, just like the label says.

    Frequently asked questions

    How does Sundae enhance monday Docs for external sharing?

    Sundae transforms monday Docs into SEO-optimized, customizable websites, ideal for public sharing and branding purposes.

    Can I use monday Docs for project management?

    Absolutely! Monday Docs is perfect for creating dynamic project plans, roadmaps, and collaborative documents for efficient project management.

    What makes monday Docs unique compared to other documentation tools?

    Monday Docs stands out with its real-time collaboration features, diverse media embedding options, and seamless integration with the monday.com ecosystem.

    Is there a way to track audience engagement on my Sundae-published site?

    Yes, Sundae supports analytics integration through their custom code feature, allowing you to gain insights into how users interact with your published content.