Top 9 streamlining monday apps for project management: 2024 continues to redefine how organizations manage work, especially for dispersed remote project teams. With an impressive 38% year-over-year revenue increase in the third quarter of 2023, the platform's trajectory proves its effectiveness and adaptability for its users around the world.

Still, as effective as monday is, there are numerous innovative apps that can extend that functionality even further, eliminating frustrating aspects of workflow that can otherwise be time consuming and, therefore, costly. 

In this post, we’ll explore a list of apps that harness's own powers, extending and elevating its inherent functionality through all stages of project management, from goal-setting to launch.

These apps transform the way teams approach project management tasks, streamlining processes, and boosting productivity. Let’s go!

9 Best apps for project management

Enhancing project structure and clarity


Unlimited Subitems by Adaptavist revolutionizes project management on by extending its native information hierarchy. This app introduces multiple levels of subitems, allowing for a comprehensive breakdown of complex projects. Its intuitive visual tree view simplifies the navigation and modification of project details, ensuring a structured and clear representation of tasks. 


  • Offers multiple levels of subitems for detailed project breakdown.

  • Visual tree view for easy modification and navigation.

  • Track multiple assignees, statuses, and timelines for subtasks.

  • Clear overview of extended board hierarchy.

  • Eliminates the need for subitem workarounds.

  • Provides a 14-day trial and varied pricing plans for different team sizes.

  • Streamlining data collection and board integration


    Jotform's app creates a seamless bridge between custom online forms and board management. It's perfect for capturing diverse data – from lead generation to task distribution. The app's ability to automatically sync form submissions to boards revolutionizes data management, making it an indispensable tool for modern project teams.


  • Customizable forms for various business needs.

  • Automatic syncing of form submissions to boards.

  • Supports creation, updating, and assignment of forms.

  • Over 10,000+ templates with a drag-and-drop builder.

  • Ideal for lead generation, surveys, and payment forms.

  • Free to use with additional features under various plans.

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    Goal alignment and execution made easy


    OKR for offers a robust framework for setting and tracking objectives and key results visually and metrically. This integration empowers teams to align their goals at various organizational levels. It's a comprehensive solution for managing objectives, facilitating better focus, and driving efficiency in goal execution.


  • Comprehensive OKR (Objectives and Key Results) management.

  • Customizable OKR periods, statuses, and labels.

  • Supports Company, Group, Team, and Personal OKRs.

  • Features like Gantt Roadmap, reports, and dashboard.

  • Real-time, no overwrite of parallel work.

  • Pricing plans for different team sizes and a free option for small teams.

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    Efficient cross-board connectivity


    Advanced Item Link & Match by Fantasy Media LTD enhances the functionality of by enabling sophisticated item connections across boards. This tool is a game-changer for project managers, as it allows for the creation of intricate workflows and efficient management of tasks within complex projects.


  • Supports multiple conditions for linking items.

  • Option to connect all items or just the first.

  • Reliable and consistent performance.

  • Capability to match items on different column types.

  • Real-time data updates.

  • Flexible pricing plans with a 14-day trial option.

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    For efficient doc-based communications between stakeholders


    DocExport PDF Generator is ideal for transforming initial concepts and requirements into professional and organized documents, this app enhances communication clarity between teams and stakeholders, making it a nifty workflow solution at all stages of project management. It supports a wide range of document types, from project status reports to proposals, making it a versatile tool throughout your process.


  • Diverse template range for different documentation needs.

  • Automated document generation for improved efficiency.

  • Supports inclusion of data from entire boards or single items.

  • GDPR/DSGVO compliance ensures data security and privacy.

  • Supports multiple file formats for flexible documentation.

  • Email integration for direct document distribution.

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    Duplicating and synchronizing items across multiple boards


    Enhance project management and boost cross-departmental collaboration with Formula Lookout's Same Item Multiple Boards. This app is perfect for teams and project managers looking to maintain consistency across multiple boards. With its ability to mirror updates and changes on one board across others, it streamlines workflows and ensures all team members are on the same page.


  • Unlock Cross-Board Automations & Integrations for efficient workflow management.

  • Facilitates Cross-Departmental Harmony by syncing updates across boards.

  • Provides Unified Task Tracking for better control over company tasks.

  • Simple and effortless setup process for users.

  • Real-Time Syncing ensures immediate update reflection.

  • Versatile plans available, with a free trial option for different team sizes.

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    Comprehensive-overlook board visualization for pro and enterprise users


    Revolutionize your experience with Combined Board View Pro, designed for Pro and Enterprise users. This advanced app provides seamless integration, allowing you to combine, filter, and save views across multiple boards. With its enhanced UI/UX and real-time data syncing, project management becomes more centralized and efficient.


  • Offers faster load times and advanced filtering options.

  • Saves views similar to native Monday boards for ease of use.

  • New UI/UX aligns with Monday's Vibe design system.

  • Integrated billing through Monday for convenience.

  • Ensures real-time data syncing for up-to-date information.

  • Free and various paid plans available for different user needs.

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    Build your websites, launch, and publish, from inside


    Transform your docs into sleek and fresh professional websites effortlessly with Sundae. This app empowers you to create everything from wikis to full-fledged websites in minutes without any coding required (unless you want to, of course). Its one-click templates and SEO optimization features make website creation a breeze. The best thing about this is that you can manage and populate your website from right inside, and it’s on par with the best of DIY builders around. 


  • Transforms docs into professional websites effortlessly.

  • Features one-click templates for easy website creation.

  • Customizable templates and SEO optimization enhance online presence.

  • Domain customization with SSL security adds professionalism.

  • Offers a user-friendly interface, requiring no coding skills.

  • Various plans available, including a free option.

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    Comprehensive project performance analysis


    Get a comprehensive view of your project's performance with Retrospective Tools. This app provides a unique way to analyze project history, statistics, and workflow through animations and diagrams. It's an invaluable tool for post-project reviews, helping teams to identify bottlenecks and improve future project outcomes.


  • Provides animations of project history for better insights.

  • Cumulative flow diagrams and statistics aid in performance analysis.

  • Identifies bottlenecks and workflow inefficiencies.

  • Customizable features for tailored project analysis.

  • Real-time updates keep project analysis accurate.

  • Offers various plans to cater to different user needs.

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    In conclusion

    What’s interesting about our selection of apps for project management is that many, if not all of these apps seem to solve problems you had, but probably didn’t even realize you had! Monday is neat as heck, but these apps make monday so much better.

    From structuring complex project hierarchies with Unlimited Subitems to effectively managing cross-board communications with Same Item Multiple Boards, these tools are designed to cater to the diverse needs of project teams and PMs. 

    Sundae publisher is another innovative tool you won’t believe exists, empowering teams to transform their documentation into professional, fully-functioning websites in seconds. It takes hours (and even days) off marketing and documentation posting in the launch phase of your project. 

    Each app in this list contributes significantly to the power of, simplifying project management challenges from planning to launch, so teams can innovate, create, and do the fun stuff.

    Frequently asked questions

    How does Unlimited Subitems by Adaptavist enhance

    Unlimited Subitems by Adaptavist adds multiple levels of subitems to, enabling detailed project breakdowns and clear task representation.

    What benefits does Jotform offer for users?

    Jotform integrates with to create customizable forms, automatically syncing data to boards, facilitating diverse data collection.

    Can Docs to Sites by Sundae convert docs into websites?

    Yes, Docs to Sites by Sundae transforms docs into professional websites without coding, offering customizable templates and SEO optimization.

    How does OKR for improve project management?

    OKR for provides a framework for setting and tracking objectives and key results, aligning team goals at various organizational levels.

    What does Advanced Item Link & Match by Fantasy Media LTD do?

    This app connects items across boards, enabling the creation of intricate workflows and efficient task management in complex projects.

    How does Sundae enhance online presence for businesses?

    Sundae turns documents into sleek, fast websites, improving online visibility and user engagement with SEO optimization and easy content management.

    What project management solutions does Sundae offer?

    Sundae's Docs to Sites app aids in creating interactive, easily navigable websites from docs, streamlining the presentation of project updates and resources to the public.

    Why is Sundae's website creation tool essential for teams?

    Sundae's tool simplifies website creation from docs, enabling teams to quickly publish professional websites with no coding, enhancing their online branding and communication.