The Top 9 Apps For A More Efficient Workflow

From managing tasks and workflows to fuel team collaboration, to tracking every aspect of your sales cycle and customer data, to building agile workflows for product, design, and R&D teams, has you covered. 

Still,’s already powerful functionality can be seriously advanced with the addition of tailor made apps, accessible straight from your monday dashboard, that make your workflow more efficient.

We’ve curated a few of our top picks for making things run way, way smoother, faster, and better. Let’s do this!

Need a monday app for maximum workflow efficiency? Here’s our top 9


Sundae, developed by Crazy Ant Labs LLC, revolutionizes the way documents are used to create dynamic websites. This no-code monday app empowers users to transform their documentation into fully-functional websites—all in just a few clicks.

Sundae is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their workflow. It’s especially useful for creating and publishing detailed documentation, comprehensive release notes, landing pages, wikis, help centers, blogs, and engaging web content for customer interaction.

Sundae dramatically simplifies the transition from document creation to web publishing. It eliminates the need for extensive coding skills or expensive web design resources, making it accessible to a diverse range of users. 

Whether it's updating product documentation, releasing feature updates, or sharing knowledge with customers, Sundae ensures that all these tasks are executed with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Key features like customization options, SEO optimization, and fast load times enhance the visibility and user experience of the published content. Moreover, accessibility within ensures a seamless publishing  workflow, maintaining consistency and familiarity for users. 

Sundae is a transformational tool for organizations looking to optimize content publication, and enhance overall workflow efficiency.


Key Features:

  • Easy Website Creation: Convert docs into websites quickly, without requiring coding knowledge.

  • Customization Options: Offers tools for personalizing the look and feel of the website, catering to specific branding needs.

  • SEO Optimization: Enhances the visibility of the website on search engines, attracting more visitors.

  • Fast Load Times: Ensures websites load quickly, providing a better user experience.

  • Custom Domains and SSL Certificates: Allows the use of custom domains for a professional touch, along with SSL certificates for security.

  • Content Management: Users can manage their content within, maintaining a familiar workflow.

  • Diverse Website Types: Suitable for creating various types of websites, including help centers, blogs, and documentation sites.

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    Issue Sync for Jira Cloud by Deviniti is a bridge between Jira and, streamlining project management across platforms. Designed to cater to teams using both Jira and, it offers seamless synchronization of tasks, projects, and issues. 

    This tool is particularly valuable for companies collaborating on projects where different teams use separate project management software. Issue Sync simplifies cross-platform communication and ensures that all parties are consistently aligned, making it an ideal solution for complex project management.


    Key Features:

  • Two-Way Synchronization: Maintains real-time sync between Jira and for updates on tasks and issues.

  • Item Mapping: Maps Jira items (projects, epics, issues) to corresponding entities in for coherent task management.

  • Issue Copying: Enables copying of existing Jira issues to, ensuring data consistency.

  • Multiple Synchronizations: Allows running multiple sync processes simultaneously, enhancing productivity.

  • User Accessibility: Designed for companies using both Jira and, facilitating inter-company collaborations.

  • Professional Design: Developed by a team well-versed in user needs, assuring quality and effectiveness.

  • Various Modes and Options: Offers one-way and two-way sync modes, supporting different Jira versions and scenarios.

  • Security: Uses native Jira permissions for secure synchronization, with no exchange of admin user data.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Provides sophisticated diagnostic features for monitoring and troubleshooting sync processes.

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    The Azure DevOps Integration App, developed by KPMG - Israel, addresses the crucial need for streamlined communication and synchronization in product development. This app bridges Azure DevOps and, creating a centralized platform for diverse departments – from developers to marketing and PMOs. 

    It enhances productivity by allowing all teams to stay updated and aligned within a single work operating system. This integration is particularly impactful in environments where real-time visibility and collaboration across different processes are essential, thus making it a key monday tool for effective and integrated project management.


    Key Features:

  • Two-Way Connection: Facilitates a bidirectional link between Azure DevOps and, ensuring synchronization of updates and statuses.

  • Centralized Management: Provides a single source of truth for entire development processes, from product to UX-UI, marketing, and delivery.

  • Real-time Visibility: Offers clear visibility of status and progress across all departments with customized dashboards.

  • Efficient Coordination: Ensures all teams, including non-developer groups, stay informed and coordinated.

  • Data-based Decision Making: Enhances the capability to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

  • Seamless Cross-Departmental Integration: Connects various departments, facilitating smooth project flow and communication.

  • Reduced Time and Effort: Improves data visibility and communication, saving valuable time in project management.

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    Mermaid Charts and Diagrams by weweave UG opens a world of visual storytelling for users. This innovative app transforms textual descriptions into a wide array of visual diagrams directly within boards, items, and workdocs. 

    With no coding required, users can easily create flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, and more, just by typing in a simple, markdown-like language. This app is a boon for teams looking to enhance their data visualization and improve project comprehension without delving into complex coding or external software.


    Key Features:

  • Diverse Diagram Options: Offers a range of diagram types including flow charts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, state diagrams, and more.

  • Syntax Validation and Live Preview: Ensures accuracy in diagram creation with syntax validation and provides a live preview for immediate feedback.

  • Font Awesome Icons: Enhances diagrams with a wide selection of icons, adding clarity and visual appeal.

  • Customizable Templates: Simplifies diagram creation with ready-to-use templates, tailored to various needs.

  • Monday Theme Support: Integrates seamlessly with, maintaining consistent aesthetics across the platform.

  • Error Highlighting: Helps users quickly identify and correct mistakes in their diagram descriptions.

  • Extensive Use Cases: Suitable for various applications like CRM, software development, collaboration, and more.

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    Bird's Eye View, developed by ThoughtFlow Technologies, Inc., is a dynamic visualization tool that integrates with to provide a comprehensive overview of interconnected work items across multiple boards. This application is particularly beneficial for project managers and teams handling complex projects with numerous interdependencies. 

    By offering a visual canvas to map out and understand the relationships between different tasks and boards, Bird's Eye View simplifies the process of managing large-scale projects, enhancing both clarity and productivity.


    Key Features:

  • Visualization of Dependencies and Hierarchies: Clearly displays how work items are interconnected across different boards.

  • Targeted Users: Ideal for project managers and teams managing complex projects with multiple interconnected boards.

  • Problem-Solving Approach: Addresses the challenge of understanding relationships across multiple boards, eliminating the need to switch between tabs and boards.

  • Easy Setup: Users can quickly add the Bird's Eye View widget to their dashboard and customize it by selecting relevant boards.

  • Diverse Use Cases: Useful for various scenarios, including managing organization OKRs, overseeing marketing campaigns, tracking software development processes, and more.

  • Customization Capabilities: Offers the ability to create custom hierarchies by selecting specific columns.

  • Scalability: Suitable for boards with up to 200 items, ensuring effectiveness even in large-scale projects.

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    TeamBoard Resource Planning by DevSamurai is an all-in-one solution designed to optimize team productivity and resource allocation in project management. This app integrates seamlessly with, providing project managers and functional managers with a comprehensive platform to manage resources efficiently. 

    TeamBoard is particularly useful for visualizing team workloads and making informed decisions about resource allocation, ensuring balanced distribution and effective project execution. Its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes resource planning accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise.


    Key Features:

  • Resource Scheduler: Visualize and allocate team resources effortlessly, providing insights into workload and resource availability.

  • Working Capacity Scheme & Holiday Calendar: Integrates working capacity schemes and holiday calendars for precise scheduling.

  • Time Tracking & Timesheets: Efficiently manage project timelines and handle timesheet approval workflows.

  • Dashboard & Reports: Customizable dashboard and interactive reports to monitor project progress and resource utilization.

  • Recurring Tasks: Simplify project management by creating and planning recurring tasks.

  • Seamless Integration with Enhances existing features of like timelines, calendars, and task management for a holistic project view.

  • Proactive Planning and Conflict Resolution: Identify potential bottlenecks or resource constraints in advance for smooth project execution.

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    Copilot: ChatGPT 4 for, developed by Get Report LLC, is an innovative AI assistant leveraging OpenAI's GPT-4 technology. Designed to integrate with, it offers a range of functionalities to enhance team collaboration and efficiency. 

    This tool is ideal for brainstorming, streamlining communication, and generating documents, making it a versatile asset for project management. Copilot demonstrates the power of AI in simplifying complex tasks without requiring coding skills, cultivating a more productive and creative work environment.


    Key Features:

  • Project-Based Groups: Facilitates group chats and private interactions with the AI assistant.

  • Privacy and Data Protection: Automatically obfuscates sensitive data for security.

  • Unified Corporate Billing: Provides access to GPT-4 for all organizational needs.

  • Brainstorming Support: Generates ideas for projects and initiatives.

  • Communication Streamlining: Aids in group discussions and summarizing long documents or chats.

  • Document and Requirement Generation: Creates content based on user prompts.

  • Code Debugging and Enhancement: Assists in understanding and improving source code.

  • Problem-Solving and Knowledge Sharing: Offers alternative solutions and supports collaboration.

  • Guidance on Best Practices: Provides insights on industry trends and research.

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    Figma Embedded by Collabsoft integrates Figma, a leading design application, with, allowing teams to embed live design files directly into their views. This app centralizes the design workflow, making it accessible and synchronized within the platform. 

    It's a game-changer for teams who need real-time design collaboration without the hassle of manual updates or file transfers, streamlining the design process.


    Key Features:

  • Live Embedding of Designs: Embeds Figma files in real-time into, ensuring updated designs are always accessible.

  • Easy Sharing and Collaboration: Share Figma files easily and keep teams in sync with the latest design updates.

  • Real-Time Updates: Automatic updates of embedded designs to reflect changes made in Figma.

  • Accessibility Across Views: Embed designs in Item, Board, or Dashboard views within

  • Suitable for Various Team Sizes: Plans available for small teams to large organizations.

  • Integration with Workflow: Streamlines design processes within the existing workflow.

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    DocuGen is a top-rated document generation app for, providing a seamless way to create a variety of professional documents from boards. 

    With DocuGen on, users can create a wide range of documents such as proposals, invoices, receipts, legal documents, HR documents, and more. The tool pulls information from boards and generates documents based on your custom document templates.

    DocuGen simplifies the document creation process, making it accessible and efficient for all users.


    Key Features:

  • Automatic Document Generation: Create documents instantly by pulling data from boards.

  • Custom Template Use: Allows the use of personal Word templates for document creation.

  • One-Click Generation: Generate documents with a single click.

  • HIPAA Compliance: Offers HIPAA compliance for enterprise customers upon request.

  • Unlimited Users and Templates: Supports unlimited users and templates across all plans.

  • Versatile Document Types: Capable of creating a wide range of documents.

  • Email Support: Provides free support through live chat and email.

  • In conclusion

    Each tool selected for this list seriously extends's functionality, catering to aspects of business operations you never thought could be so streamlined—from website creation and project synchronization to resource planning and AI-assisted project management. 

    By amping up’s already impressive repertoire, they open new possibilities for your team. More time, more resources, more innovation, more fun, more productivity with less technical effort required. It’s a win-win situation. 

    Ready for more innovative tools? Check out our posts on the best monday apps for product management, project management, and marketing teams.

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the top apps for improving workflow efficiency?

    The top apps include Docs to Sites by Sundae, Issue Sync - Sync for Jira Cloud, Azure DevOps Integration App, Mermaid Charts and Diagrams, Bird's Eye View, TeamBoard - Resource Planning, Copilot: ChatGPT 4, Figma Embedded, and DocuGen.

    How does Docs to Sites by Sundae enhance's functionality?

    Docs to Sites by Sundae allows users to convert documents into dynamic websites easily. This app is ideal for creating and publishing detailed documentation, release notes, landing pages, wikis, and other web content without needing extensive coding skills.

    What unique features does Issue Sync - Sync for Jira Cloud offer?

    Issue Sync - Sync for Jira Cloud facilitates two-way synchronization between Jira and, enhancing project management. It allows for real-time updates, item mapping, issue copying, and multiple synchronizations, making it valuable for teams using both platforms.

    Can Azure DevOps Integration App improve cross-department collaboration?

    Yes, the Azure DevOps Integration App by KPMG - Israel creates a centralized platform for departments like development, marketing, and PMOs to stay updated and aligned, enhancing productivity and collaborative project management.

    What benefits do Mermaid Charts and Diagrams offer to users?

    Mermaid Charts and Diagrams enable users to create various types of visual diagrams like flowcharts and sequence diagrams directly within, enhancing data visualization and project comprehension without complex coding.

    How does Bird's Eye View assist in project management?

    Bird's Eye View provides a visual overview of interconnected work items across multiple boards. It is especially beneficial for project managers handling complex projects with numerous interdependencies, improving clarity and productivity.

    What does TeamBoard - Resource Planning offer for project management?

    TeamBoard by DevSamurai aids in optimizing team productivity and resource allocation. It features a resource scheduler, time tracking, and customizable reports, making resource planning and project execution more efficient.

    How does Copilot: ChatGPT 4 for improve team collaboration?

    Copilot: ChatGPT 4 integrates AI technology to assist in brainstorming, communication, document generation, and problem-solving. It enhances team collaboration and creative work environments.

    What is the role of Figma Embedded in the design workflow on

    Figma Embedded by Collabsoft allows teams to embed live Figma design files into, facilitating real-time design collaboration and streamlining the design process within the platform.

    How does DocuGen simplify document creation in

    DocuGen enables the creation of professional documents from boards. It automates document generation, supports custom templates, and is capable of producing a wide range of document types, simplifying the document creation process.