The 9 Best monday Apps To Start The Holiday: 2024

As the holiday season draws nigh, it's time to deck the halls, spread cheer, resolve to do fun stuff, and most importantly, get our workspaces into the groovy festive spirit. This season isn't just about celebrations and ho-ho’s; it's also about managing our professional tasks efficiently amidst the holiday hustle. 

To help you juggle your festive duties, new year’s resolutions, and professional responsibilities with ease, we've curated a list of the top 9 apps that are perfect for this holiday season. 

From organizing Secret Santa exchanges to publishing monday docs in a click, these apps will not only boost your team's productivity but also infuse a dose of holiday joy into your work routine. 

Let's jingle through these innovative apps for a productive but hassle-free holiday season in 2023 and early 2024. Now, let’s go!

Our top 9 monday apps for the holidays into 2024


This app is ideal for adding a fun and engaging element to holiday gift exchanges, and cultivating a sense of community and team spirit. Its ease of use and secure framework make organizing Secret Santa events a seamless experience, even in remote work settings, enhancing the joy and mystery of gift-giving.


  • Effortless setup.

  • Randomized assignments.

  • Festive notifications.

  • Customizable settings.

  • Secure data handling.

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    The brand new Sundae publisher is your ultimate solution for crafting festive websites, engaging holiday blogs, or informative wikis with a holiday twist. It's so streamlined and simple to use, and the results are outstanding. Now, teams of all technical backgrounds can effortlessly contribute and post their monday docs as sleek professional websites. 

    Whether you're spreading cheer with a holiday-themed resource page, documenting your office's end-of-year journey, or providing updated guides and documentation for the new year, Sundae Publisher makes it possible with just a few clicks. 


  • Create a website in under a minute.

  • Publish finished pages straight from your monday docs.

  • Multiple templates for various contents.

  • Easy updates with one-click publishing.

  • Content management via dashboard.

  • Lightning-fast load times.

  • SEO optimization built in.

  • Personalized website design.

  • Domain customization with SSL security.

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    This app helps in effectively organizing and tracking seasonal resources, ensuring that everything from office decorations to holiday gifts are accounted for and managed efficiently. It's particularly beneficial for large teams or those organizing extensive holiday events.


  • Asset creation, updating, and viewing.

  • Barcode generation for assets.

  • Asset assignment and tracking.

  • Asset assignment history tracking.

  • Allocation history updates.

  • Asset utilization reporting and analytics.

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    Ideal for managing large-scale holiday projects, ensuring consistency and efficiency across various departments. It simplifies the management of complex projects, like organizing a company-wide holiday event or coordinating end-of-year reviews.


  • Overview of all boards.

  • Batch addition, copying, and deletion of columns.

  • Board filtering by name or workspace.

  • Detailed view of board types, names, columns, and owners.

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    This app is instrumental in managing holiday schedules, from tracking team availability during the holiday season to planning and organizing holiday events. It ensures that all deadlines are met and that events are well-coordinated, which is crucial for maintaining smooth operations during this busy time.


  • Embed Outlook Calendar in

  • Effortless scheduling with real-time updates.

  • Customizable integration.

  • Automated Calendar links in item view.

  • Simple setup process.

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    A great tool for visualizing holiday team roles and responsibilities, this app aids in planning for the new year. It's especially valuable for aligning team structures during the holiday season, ensuring everyone knows their roles in holiday projects and events, as well as at the start of the new work-year.


  • Displays team structure for internal and external stakeholders.

  • Includes both users and non-users.

  • Visualizes where new hires fit in the team.

  • Filter criteria for display customization.

  • Useful for planning team restructures.

  • Shows job titles and groups.

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    Ideal for managing and sharing files like photos or documents and keeping everything accessible and organized during the holidays when communication might not be as regular. It simplifies the organization of holiday media and marketing material, ensuring efficient collaboration and keeping everyone on the same page with easy access to necessary files.


  • Automated Dropbox folder creation.

  • Seamless integration between and Dropbox.

  • Easy file management and transfer.

  • Nested folder support for organization.

  • Enhances efficiency, organization, and collaboration.

  • Streamlined file management for productivity.

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    This new Timely  app is perfect for maintaining a balance during the hectic holiday season, ensuring that work hours are managed effectively. It will help your team avoid mix ups during irregular holiday schedules. It's particularly useful for teams that need to track billable hours or manage multiple projects simultaneously, helping to avoid overwork and maintain profitability.


  • Syncs projects from to Timely.

  • Easy setup and integration.

  • Automatic import of work from

  • One-way flow of information for project and time tracking.

  • Suitable for companies billing by the hour.

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    This app’s ability to calculate workdays, adjust deadlines automatically, and send timely reminders ensures that projects stay on track. The real-life resource planning feature is particularly beneficial for managing team availability and resource allocation during busy periods, thereby avoiding overloading during holidays and weekends. 


  • Calculates the number of workdays between project start and end dates.

  • Adjusts deadlines for local public holidays and weekends.

  • Sends timely reminders to ensure tasks and projects start on schedule.

  • Optimizes resource allocation considering holidays, weekends, and workdays.

  • Easy installation and immediate enhancement of project management capabilities​​​​​​​​​​.

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    In conclusion

    As we wrap up our journey through these 9 incredible apps, it's clear that the right tools can make a world of difference in how we experience the holiday season at work. 

    Each app, with its unique features and capabilities, brings something special to the table—be it enhancing team spirit, streamlining marketing processes, or ensuring that no detail is overlooked during these busy times.

    Sundae is all about empowering teams to achieve their best, and these new apps (including Sundae) are a testament to that mission. 

    As we conclude this post, let’s recognize the role of efficient communication and information sharing during the holiday season—especially with our clients.

    This is where Sundae Publisher stands out, as it’s a revolutionary time-saver just before the holidays.

    With its ability to seamlessly convert docs into beautifully designed, easily shareable websites, Sundae Publisher becomes an invaluable tool for spreading holiday cheer, sales, and more with the world—with only a few clicks added to your workflow.


    Frequently asked questions

    How Does the Secret Santa App Enhance Workplace Holiday Spirit?

    The Secret Santa app on brings a fun and engaging element to holiday gift exchanges at work. With features like effortless setup, randomized assignments, and festive notifications, it fosters team spirit and adds an element of surprise to office celebrations.

    Can Docs to Sites by Sundae Help Create Holiday-Themed Content?

    Yes, Docs to Sites by Sundae is an excellent tool for creating holiday-themed content. It allows teams to easily convert docs into interactive websites, perfect for sharing festive resources, guides, and plenty more.

    What Benefits Does Asset Management Offer for Holiday Event Planning?

    Asset Management app is crucial for organizing holiday events, as it helps in tracking and managing resources like decorations and gifts. It ensures efficient allocation and utilization of assets, making holiday event planning more streamlined and organized.

    How Can Batch Hero for monday Assist in Large-scale Holiday Projects?

    Batch Hero for monday is ideal for managing large-scale holiday projects. It provides an overview of all boards and allows batch operations like addition, copying, and deletion of columns, which is vital for coordinating complex holiday events.

    Why is Timely Time Tracking Important During the Holiday Season?

    Timely Time Tracking is important during the holiday season to maintain a balance between work and festivities. It helps teams track billable hours and manage multiple projects, ensuring efficiency and preventing overwork during the busy holiday period.