The 5 Top Trends in Project Management: 2024

Project management is shifting. In 2024, we're not just tracking tasks; we're redefining how, where, and when work happens. For users, this shift is an opportunity.

With innovative third-party monday apps and tools, and's suite of project management and collaboration features, adapting to the latest trends is straightforward. 

This guide unpacks five key trends shaping project management today. It's practical, direct, and filled with actionable insights for enthusiasts ready to raise their project management game. 

Let's get into what's fresh and how you can use these changes to your advantage.

Trend 1: Remote and hybrid work models optimization

Sigh. Let’s not state the obvious. Remote and hybrid work models aren't buzzwords anymore, they’re the norm for modern team structures, particularly where digital workers are concerned. 

It may be less of a trend and more of a staple now, but we’re adding it anyway because some teams still haven’t got the hang of it.

This evolution is reshaping how we connect, produce, and balance projects in our varied and dispersed settings. For users, it’s about leveraging a platform designed for flexibility and connectivity.

Explore the remote team's command center is the ultimate command center for remote and hybrid teams. It's where tasks are tracked, progress is visualized, and collaboration happens in real-time. 

Yet, with new apps, integrations, and features being added every day, most teams underestimate the potential of the monday workspace. Here's a snapshot of how keeps remote teams in sync:

  • Versatile board views: Use’s native features and app marketplace to tailor your workspace with Kanban, Gantt, or Calendar views to match your team's workflow. This adaptability ensures that, even remotely, your team can work in a way that feels natural and efficient. Explore apps like Combined Board View and Bird’s Eye View.

  • image
  • Time tracking made simple: Understanding how remote team members allocate their time is straightforward with's time tracking column feature. It's about ensuring fair workloads and recognizing everyone's contributions, even from afar. Also check out their Clockify integration and apps like Timely.

  • Automate the routine: Automations in cut down on the manual, repetitive tasks that can bog down remote work. Set up notifications, status updates, and more to keep your team focused on what they do best. Also check out apps like Subitem Automations and Autoboost.

  • Use integrations that bring your tools together

    One of's superpowers is its ability to integrate with a wide array of tools, making it a one-stop shop for remote teams. Whether it's Slack for communication, Zoom for meetings, or Google Drive — all your tools can be in one place.

    In embracing remote and hybrid work models, it's not just about where you work; it's about how well you work together. exemplifies the power of technology in bridging distances, ensuring that teams remain cohesive, engaged, and productive, no matter where they log in from.

    Trend 2: AI and machine learning integration

    AI and machine learning are everywhere, making project management a smarter and more intuitive process. 

    For teams on, this means tapping into AI's potential to predict project outcomes, automate routine tasks, and personalize the project management experience. 

    Engage smart project management with is in the beta phase of integrating AI and machine learning directly into their platform through internal features, apps and third-party apps, and the goal is to make project management easier and more insightful. 

    Check out this video introducing monday’s new AI assistant.

    Empower teams with AI apps

    Several third-party AI apps are already in the marketplace:

  • Copilot ChatGPT 4 for Offers brainstorming support, streamlines communication, and assists in content creation, among other features, leveraging the power of GPT-4.

  • BusinessGPT - AI Assistant: Generates insights from data, enhancing decision-making and providing a deeper understanding of project dynamics.

  • AI Copilot: Integrates ChatGPT to offer intelligent automation and insights, improving efficiency across workflows.

  • Smart Forms: Utilizes AI to manage and analyze form data directly within, streamlining interactions and insights derived from form responses.

  • Enjoy the impact of AI integration

    Automated task generation helps in quickly setting up project plans, while AI-powered summarization tools distill complex information into actionable insights. The integration of third-party AI apps and monday’s own beta AI apps brings AI's power directly into your environment.


    Trend 3: Content management and publishing made simple

    2024 is all about smart solutions that save time and cut through the noise. For teams using, the game has changed with the integration of Sundae. Now, managing content and publishing websites is as straightforward as a few clicks—all within your monday workspace. 

    Imagine ditching separate CMS platforms and web development headaches for something way simpler. That's the reality with and Sundae.

    Understand why docs rocks

    Think of Docs as your team's collective brain. It's where ideas grow and plans get polished. But it's not just about jotting down notes. It's about bringing those ideas to life, with the power to pull in data from your projects, making every document a live part of your workflow. 

    Features include:

  • Real-time collaboration: Work together on documents with live editing, ensuring your team is always on the same page.

  • Embedded widgets and media: Incorporate live data from your boards, as well as all sorts of tables, infographics, and media, making your docs dynamic and informative. 

  • Access control: Manage who can view or edit your documents, keeping sensitive information secure.

  • Version history: Track changes and revert to previous versions, so you never lose your work.

  • Meet Sundae: From docs to websites in clicks

    Sundae takes the brilliance of Docs and turns it into something you can share with the world—and you’ll never need to leave monday or bother with pricey website design or hosting services. 


    Here's the scoop:

  • Instant websites: Convert your Docs into websites with just a few clicks, no coding required.

  • Design freedom: Choose from templates and customize them to fit your brand, ensuring your site looks exactly how you want it.

  • SEO tools: Optimize your site for search engines directly within Sundae, helping your audience find you easily.

  • Domain customization: Use your own domain to maintain brand consistency and professionalism.

  • One click updates: Make a change in one or multiple docs, click “Publish Changes” just once and your site updates automatically, keeping your content fresh in a flash.

  • Check out Sundae’s own blog. It’s published straight from using, you guessed it…Sundae.

  • Get the big picture

    From brainstorming in docs to sharing your creations with the world via Sundae, it's all done in one place. 

    This approach isn't just about saving clicks and costs; it's about creating a seamless bridge between work and how that work is shared with the great wide world. Welcome to 2024, where content management, website building, and publishing are finally hassle-free.

    Trend 4: Real-time team sync 

    To stay competitive, project teams need real time comms and collaboration, there are no two ways about it. 

    This includes using one tool instead of many, or accessing multiple tools with multiple functionalities to enable collaboration, communication, and creation all from one central space.

    Use a symphony of collaborative tools is home to a symphony of apps and features that harmonize to create a seamless collaborative environment. Native collaboration features include:

  • Board discussions and updates: Board and task chats are arenas for real-time brainstorming, feedback, and decision-making. Each interaction is an opportunity to propel projects forward with collective insight.

  • Workdocs: We have to mention them again. Monday docs are collaborative canvases for drafting, editing, and finalizing documents with live, simultaneous contributions from team members. This transforms document creation from a solitary task into a joint venture, and thanks to Sundae, this includes collaborating on work that you’ll publish online, straight from monday.

  • image

    Explore monday apps for dynamic teamwork

    Here's a closer look at just a few third-party monday apps and monday integrations that can transform team interactions:

  • Twilio Integration for This gives your team the ability to send and receive messages through Twilio, directly integrated into This feature transforms your board into a communication hub, where updates and interactions are seamlessly tied to your project's pulse.

  • Jira for For teams straddling the ecosystems of and Jira, this integration ensures fluidity in task management and information sharing. 

  • Translate: This app offers instant translation across over 75 languages directly within your boards. It's not just about understanding each other; it's about fostering a global team culture where every voice is heard and valued. You can also check out Google Translate For Workdocs for translation inside your docs.

  • Make the most seamless collaboration

    Visualize a team, distributed across continents, working together on a new product concept. 

    Through, they leverage the Translate app to ensure clear communication across language barriers, use Twilio integration to keep the conversation lively and immediate, and link their work with Jira to maintain project alignment. 

    No matter your team, industry, or specific feature requirements, there are likely already features, apps, and integrations available within the monday space to help you make it happen!

    Trend 5: Project transparency and accountability

    Transparency and accountability in business and project management are a powerful trend this year, and this decade.

    In a world where remote work and global trade are commonplace, ensuring that every team member, stakeholder, and client has access to up-to-date information is non-optional—and the stakes are high.

    This is where, enhanced by tools like Sundae, becomes a game-changer, providing a transparent view of project progress and responsibilities, and always up-to-date documentation, help centers, and knowledge bases online.

    It’s so easy, you literally have no excuse.

    Open visibility at every step

    As we saw in our section on remote work optimization, monday makes project details accessible and understandable to everyone involved. There’s more

  • Dashboard insights: Customizable dashboards offer a bird's-eye view of project statuses, workloads, and progress, making it easy for everyone to stay informed.

  • Clear task assignments: With, responsibilities are clearly defined, and progress is visible to all, fostering a culture of accountability.

  • Real-time updates: Instant sync ensures that any changes in the project are immediately reflected across the platform, keeping everyone on the same page, whether they’re in-house, hybrid, or 100% remote.

  • Enhance transparency with public documentation, help-centers, wikis, and knowledge base sites from Sundae

    Sundae takes transparency a step further by enabling teams to turn their Docs into public-facing websites. This is particularly useful for creating up-to-date documentation, help sites, and knowledge bases. Here’s how Sundae contributes:

  • Accessible information: Sundae lets teams share product documentation and information updates with external stakeholders and customers, ensuring transparency beyond the immediate team.

  • Always updated: Changes made in Docs are updated on the Sundae site in a click, eliminating the gap between internal progress and external communication.

  • Check out Sundae’s own documentation, which was published with Sundae, to learn more. 


    Consider a transparency scenario

    Imagine a scenario where a software development team is working on a new feature. Through, every task and milestone is tracked and visible to the entire team. 

    Sundae is used to publish a development roadmap and release notes complete with media and infographics, simply by choosing docs and clicking “Publish”—making them accessible to public users and stakeholders. 

    Teams now have the tools to maintain an open book on project progress and responsibilities, ensuring that everyone, from team members to clients, is informed, engaged, and accountable. 

    In conclusion

    2024 is a year of transformation and groovy things. 

    It's a year where collaboration knows no bounds, where AI empowers more and more tasks and decisions, and where your global team speaks in one language. It's where, Sundae, and a suite of innovative apps and features turn ambitious visions into reality.

    I mean, why not? This is about setting trends and not just keeping up with them. 

    Familiarize yourself with more of’s latest features, explore Sundae for seamless content management and publishing, and discover monday apps that break down barriers, streamline communication, and bring your projects to life.

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the top trends in project management for 2024?

    The leading trends include remote and hybrid work optimization, AI and machine learning integration, simplified content management and publishing, and enhanced real-time collaboration and communication.

    How is adapting to these project management trends? integrates these trends through its flexible platform, offering features like Workdocs for collaboration, AI-powered apps for smarter project management, and third-party apps like Sundae for easy content publishing.

    Can AI really change how projects are managed on

    Yes, AI significantly enhances project management on by automating tasks, providing predictive insights, and personalizing the management experience with AI-powered apps.

    Is remote work still a major trend in project management?

    Absolutely—remote and hybrid work models have become a staple, with platforms like offering tools and integrations to support these work arrangements effectively.

    How does content management fit into project management trends?

    Content management is critical for maintaining up-to-date documentation and websites, with tools like Docs and Sundae making it easier to create, manage, and publish content directly from the platform.

    What makes real-time collaboration important in 2024?

    Real-time collaboration ensures that teams can work together seamlessly, regardless of location, with instant updates and communication that keep projects moving forward efficiently.

    How can I start incorporating these trends into my project management strategy?

    Explore’s features and integrations, experiment with AI apps, and use content management tools like Sundae to align your project management practices with these 2024 trends.