Publish sites from instantly—Sundae for monday is live!!

Sundae for monday is Now Live on the Marketplace!

After months of dedicated development and insightful feedback from our beta users, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Sundae for monday, now available on the app marketplace!

What is Sundae?

Sundae is a unique and revolutionary new solution, bringing the power of professional web design, publishing, and hosting to your workspace.

Sundae for monday transforms your Docs into sleek, fast, and secure websites in just minutes, with no coding required. It's designed for simplicity and ease, allowing you to focus on creating outstanding content—while Sundae handles the technicalities.


What is Sundae good for?

Sundae is not just a tool, it's a sweet and cool solution for a variety of needs. Whether you're sharing reports with customers, creating comprehensive documentation sites, setting up interactive help centers, or crafting engaging blog posts, Sundae has you covered. 

It's ideal for creating single-page websites like CVs, landing pages, file shares, FAQ pages, or even a stunning product showcase with minimal time and effort required. It also shines for customized multi-page (up to 300 pages, depending on your plan) documentation sites and wikis, published in minutes, straight from your monday Docs.

The ease of use and flexibility Sundae offers makes it a go-to solution for all these needs and more, with the potential to dramatically streamline your workflow. You can now publish custom dynamic websites straight from your monday Docs and dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Quick website creation: Build your website in under a minute! Select from various website types like help centers, blogs, wikis, event/sales pages, documentation libraries, and more​​.

  • Easy content management: Continue using familiar Docs for writing and editing, while Sundae seamlessly turns your work into a public-facing website​​.

  • Stylish templates: select from a range of sleek design templates for a professional, engaging look, with no code required.

  • Lightning-fast performance: With the latest technology and CDNs, Sundae ensures your website is not just visually appealing but also exceptionally fast​​.

  • Customization without coding: Personalize your website’s look and feel effortlessly with no coding required.

  • SEO optimization: Make your site stand out with added titles, descriptions, and social cards, optimizing it for search engines​​.

  • Scalability and performance: Designed to handle high-traffic situations and large websites, ensuring scalability and high performance​​.

  • In short, Sundae for monday offers an effortless solution for turning Docs into dynamic websites in minutes.

    Getting Started

    Simply install the Sundae app from monday’s app marketplace, create a new site in your workspace, and follow the on-screen instructions to bring your vision to life​​.


    Special Thanks

    A heartfelt thank you to our awesome team and to all our beta testers whose valuable feedback helped refine Sundae to its current state of excellence.

    What's Next?

    We’re committed to enhancing Sundae’s capabilities and would love to hear from you! Your suggestions and feedback are crucial for our next steps. Feel free to reach out via email with any ideas or queries​​.

    Join Us

    Start with our free plan to experience the ease and power of Sundae for monday. When you’re ready for more features, explore our paid plans, each designed to fit your growing needs​​.

    Transform your Docs into dynamic, efficient websites today with Sundae for monday—as delightful as enjoying a Sundae on a Monday!

    Any questions?

    What exactly does Sundae for monday do?

    Sundae for monday transforms Docs into fully-functional, visually appealing websites without requiring any coding skills. It's ideal for creating everything from single-page CVs to comprehensive multi-page documentation sites.

    How quickly can I build a website with Sundae?

    With Sundae, you can build a website in under a minute. It offers a range of website types like help centers, blogs, wikis, and more, with easy-to-follow steps straight from your Docs.

    Is Sundae suitable for high-traffic websites?

    Yes, Sundae is designed for scalability and high performance, ensuring that websites can handle high traffic and large content volumes efficiently.

    Does Sundae offer SEO optimization?

    Sundae includes SEO optimization features such as adding titles, descriptions, and social cards to make your site more discoverable on search engines.

    Can I try Sundae for free before subscribing to a paid plan?

    Yes, Sundae offers a free plan which allows you to experience its features and ease of use. You can upgrade to paid plans as your needs grow.

    How do I get started with Sundae on

    To get started, install the Sundae app from the app marketplace, create a new site in your workspace, and follow the on-screen instructions to publish your website.