9 Apps for Perfect Product Management: 2024

Whether it’s managing timelines, resources, or stakeholder communication, the platform offers all the tools necessary for product managers to thrive and teams to create winning products. The trouble is, you may not know how to find them.

When it comes to product management, efficiency and streamlined workflows are key to saving your butt from disaster. As 2024 looms large, product managers should be on the lookout for product management tools that not only simplify their tasks but also enhance collaboration and innovation. 

To support this, we've handpicked 9 exceptional apps, each uniquely designed to optimize different stages of the product management life cycle. Let's plunge in and explore these game-changers.

Our top 9 product management apps on marketplace: listed in no particular order

SuperForm by Spot-nik:


SuperForm revolutionizes the initial stages of product management by enabling a more advanced and detailed collection of customer feedback and product development ideas. 

Its powerful form capabilities surpass traditional limitations, offering enhanced data linkage and efficient updating of existing items, making it an indispensable tool for accurately capturing and utilizing customer insights to shape product development strategies.

Superform is an effective tool for gaining swift stakeholder feedback between iterations as part of your agile product management strategy.


  • Comprehensive column support for diverse data types.

  • Advanced conditional filtering for detailed data segmentation.

  • Efficient updating of new and existing items to streamline data entry.

  • Seamless integration with for cohesive workflow management.

  • Intuitive user interface promoting widespread team adoption.

  • Action tracking to monitor form usage and responses.

  • Bottlenecks by Serandibsoft


    Designed to seamlessly integrate with, Bottlenecks provides insightful data to help teams identify and tackle project bottlenecks effectively.

    Whether you’re tracking the progress of a new product launch or overseeing the development of a software update, "Bottlenecks" equips you with the tools to streamline your workflow.

    By visualizing task lifespans and pinpointing areas where delays occur, this app ensures that product managers can swiftly address issues, maintain project momentum, and enhance team performance.


  • Set unique benchmarks to identify bottlenecks easily.

  • Understand task durations across different states on the board.

  • Organize tasks based on completion times for better management.

  • Choose between viewing durations in time or percentages.

  • Clearly distinguish bottleneck states for immediate attention.

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    Links Explorer by Optimizory Technologies Private Limited


    Links Explorer is a critical piece of task and product management software for visualizing and understanding complex product relationships and dependencies.

    It offers a comprehensive overview of product components, ensuring all elements are interconnected and accounted for, which is vital for thorough product planning.


  • Detailed tree views for comprehensive project overviews.

  • Advanced tracking for in-depth link analysis.

  • Complete traceability for full visibility into project connections.

  • Customizable views to prioritize critical project elements.

  • Enhanced impact analysis capabilities for informed decision-making.

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    Github Integration bridges the gap between product management and software development, allowing teams to manage and track their GitHub repositories directly within It streamlines development workflows and enhances collaboration between cross-functional teams. 

    We’ll be discussing monday apps for software development in depth in a later article, but it’s worth mentioning this diamond here, in case software and apps are your product.


  • Direct connection to GitHub repositories within

  • Simple setup for immediate integration.

  • Capability to manage multiple GitHub accounts.

  • Functionalities to search, filter, create, archive, and delete repositories.

  • Visual representation of pull requests for better tracking.

  • Continuous feature updates based on user feedback.

  • image

    The OCR Extract Data From File tool significantly simplifies the extraction of vital information from key documents like invoices and prototypes, and it can be a serious time and resource saver, ensuring accuracy, speed, and compliance play a central part in your product management strategy. 

    Its OCR capabilities ensure that product teams have accurate and timely access to critical data, streamlining documentation processes and enhancing the overall accuracy of product records.


  • Automated data extraction from various file types.

  • Support for PDFs and image formats for diverse documentation.

  • Customizable workflows based on extracted data.

  • User-friendly interface for ease of use.

  • Integration with for streamlined data management.

  • Continuous support for additional file types based on user needs.

  • Sundae by Crazy Ant Labs LLC


    Docs To Sites By Sundae transforms your documentation into dynamic, professionally designed websites in a snap. In just a few clicks, you publish world-class websites and documentation libraries for the public—straight from your monday workspace.

    With the Sundae tool by Crazy Ant Labs, crafting everything from engaging blogs to comprehensive help centers is just a few clicks away. Your brand's digital façade comes to life with interactive elements, rich media, and stylish templates tailored to your unique objectives. 

    Ideal for ensuring your online space is continuously fresh, appealing, and informative, Sundae is the go-to for effortlessly creating a captivating online presence that draws in and captivates your audience, no matter what type of web content you're aiming to publish.

    The best thing is, you won’t even need to leave your dashboard.


  • Lightning quick and easy website creation directly from docs.

  • Range of templates for wikis, help centers, or blogs.

  • Customizable design options for unique website branding.

  • Insanely fast loading times for a sweet user experience.

  • Built-in SEO tools to enhance online visibility.

  • Domain customization and SSL security for a professional online presence.

  • User-friendly interface, requiring no coding expertise.

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    Smart Checklist by TitanApps


    Smart Checklist facilitates detailed task management and tracking within the product development process. Its ability to create comprehensive checklists ensures no detail is overlooked, contributing to the meticulous execution of product-related tasks.


  • Rich text formatting for detailed checklist creation.

  • Markdown editor for easy checklist management.

  • Reusable templates for standardized processes.

  • Integration with for seamless task tracking.

  • Progress visualization directly from the board.

  • Automation options for task management efficiency.

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    Groups Manager by Devdevils


    The Groups Manager application is tailored for organizing and managing groups within your boards. It's an innovative tool for keeping various stages of product development structured and well-organized, ensuring each segment of the project progresses smoothly. 

    This dev-ilish team was featured twice in our post on The 9 Best monday Apps To Kick Off The Festive Season. Be sure to check it out for some groovy finds!!


  • Simplified creation of new groups for different product stages.

  • Customizable group names and color codes for easy identification.

  • Drag-and-drop and button-based group reordering for optimal organization.

  • Facilities for archiving or deleting groups to maintain a clutter-free workspace.

  • User-friendly interface for effortless group management.

  • BigPicture PPM by Appfire


    BigPicture PPM is a comprehensive management tool that offers an overarching view of your entire product lifecycle. It is essential for tracking progress, managing resources, and preparing for subsequent development cycles, ensuring that every phase of product management is meticulously overseen.


  • Aggregation of data from various workspaces for a unified portfolio view.

  • Management and scheduling capabilities across multiple projects.

  • Visualization of scheduling dependencies within

  • Resource capacity and availability management across projects.

  • Customizable project collections for tailored portfolio structuring.

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    As a product manager or a member of a busy product team, these 9 apps offer everything you’ll need to ace all aspects of the product lifecycle. 

    From initial ideation with SuperForm, to comprehensive portfolio management with BigPicture PPM, to documentation and marketing publication with Sundae, each tool offers unique functionalities that streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

    Remember, with Sundae you’ll have documentation and marketing covered in no time, as it transforms selected monday documentation into accessible and engaging websites with all the bells and whistles—in just a few clicks, and without even leaving monday.

    Want to learn more? Check out our documentation and blog, all published on our own Sundae website—with the Sundae publisher!!

    Once your product is ready to go, use our apps for marketing guide to ensure you get the most out of your campaigns.


    Frequently asked questions

    How does SuperForm by Spot-nik enhance the product management process?

    uperForm elevates the product management process by providing advanced form functionalities that allow for comprehensive customer feedback collection and idea generation, essential for informed product development.

    Can Docs to Sites by Sundae be used for product documentation?

    Absolutely, Docs to Sites by Sundae is perfect for transforming complex product documentation into user-friendly websites or help centers, making it accessible for both stakeholders and customers.

    What role does BigPicture PPM play in product management?

    BigPicture PPM is crucial for overarching program and portfolio management, providing a comprehensive view and control over the entire product lifecycle, ensuring streamlined coordination and planning.

    How does Smart Checklist by TitanApps support product development teams?

    Smart Checklist helps teams ensure all critical tasks in the product development process are completed efficiently, through detailed checklists and templates.

    What makes Sundae's Docs to Sites app unique for product managers?

    Sundae's Docs to Sites app stands out by enabling quick and code-free transformation of docs into professional websites, facilitating effective communication and documentation in product management.