How To Publish Monday Docs as Public Documentation

In 2023, transparency means trust, and accessibility is a core component of stellar customer service. That’s why the demand for open-access to product and process documentation has skyrocketed. has long been a cornerstone for internal documentation creation and management. Yet, the leap from private to public documentation has traditionally required a series of external hosting and publishing tools that mean time, effort, and added complexity.

Basic info sharing with docs

Monday docs have been instrumental in consolidating collective team knowledge. From intricate process manuals to comprehensive product guides, these documents breathe life into internal workflows. But how do you get this wealth of knowledge into the public domain in a polished, professional way—but with minimal effort? 

Until recently, sharing these gems of wisdom publicly was restricted to’s various guest invite, link sharing, and export methods. However, these are better suited for onboarding temps and briefing investors, and less suited to information marketing, and showcasing accessibility and transparency for your clients.

The old way: external website hosting, building, & manual document export

Besides the various built-in methods, you could always hire someone to set up a website and manually transfer all of your Monday Docs there. Alternatively, you could set up your own website with the right host, the right website builder, the right knowledge, and plenty of time on your hands.

This is tedious though, potentially costly, and unfortunately it means exporting all of your docs from one by one, and so on. A drag, especially for documentation libraries that may be hundreds of pages deep. What’s more, there’s a technical finesse around good documentation sites, help pages, wiki’s, and the like that can be costly and complicated to achieve and maintain.

Sundae takes care of that stuff. It’s a streamlined website publisher that sits right on top of your Monday workspace so you can publish customized, responsive, and aesthetic websites straight from your Monday Docs, in just a few clicks.


The new way: smooth doc publishing with Sundae

Publishing documentation goes way beyond just making information available; it also needs to be digestible, engaging, and reflective of your brand's ethos. This is where technical finesse matters:

  • Custom domains: With Sundae, your monday socs can live on a custom domain, reinforcing your brand identity and ensuring that your audience knows they’re getting information straight from the source.

  • SEO mastery: Sundae brings the tools to ensure your documents are not just accessible but also discoverable. Metadata, keyword optimization, and social sharing capabilities mean your documentation works for you, climbing the ranks of search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • Interactive elements: Sundae’s technology supports interactive elements like forms and live widgets straight from Monday Docs or added via the Sundae builder, bringing static documents to dynamic life. Users don't just read; they engage.

  • Fast and sleek sites: Slow loading, aesthetically poor sites speak volumes to potential clients, which is why Sundae combines elegant design with superior loading times for state of the art impact.

  • Analytics integration: Understanding how your audience interacts with your documentation is vital. Sundae integrates with a range of analytics tools via the custom code option, giving you insights into user behavior and content performance.

  • Scalability: As your business grows, so too will your documentation. Sundae's infrastructure is designed to scale seamlessly, handling an increase in traffic without skipping a beat.

  • Custom code: Looking for a higher level of customization for your brand? We mentioned custom code for analytics integrations, but this capability has many applications, including marketing automation, a/b testing, tracking, and more.

  • Continuous deployment: Change is the only constant, and with Sundae, updates to your documentation can be published as changes, at the click of a button, as soon as they’re made in monday docs. There’s no downtime, so your audience is always up to date.

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    Professional documentation, marketing and communication in minutes

    The combination of custom domains, professional templates, interactive elements, custom code, and more, means that Sundae doesn’t just make your Monday docs public, it publishes them as a visually polished, optimized, and professional website with an ease and simplicity that’s incredibly refreshing. 

    All this while never leaving your home base Monday dashboard.

    Sundae offers a surprising level of customization for a tool this unobtrusive and easy to use. You can weave your company's narrative into the fabric of your documentation, publishing engaging sites that market and support your brand, with just a few heartbeats added to your workflow. It’s sweet...and very satisfying.

    In conclusion

    The integration of with marks a turning point for public-facing documentation. It’s easier now. Transparency, accessibility and trust are just a few clicks away, and you can do it all from your Monday workspace. With Sundae, seamless, efficient, and brand-aligned sharing can happen in, literally, under a minute. 

    You won’t believe how easy it is.

    So, ready to revolutionize your public documentation? Dive into the world of monday docs here and discover the transformative power of Sundae by visiting here.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I publish my docs directly as a website?

    Direct publishing wasn't a feature built into, but with the integration, your docs can now be published as a professional, SEO-optimized website without any coding knowledge on your part.

    How does Sundae enhance the SEO of my public documentation?

    Sundae comes equipped with SEO tools that allow you to optimize content with keywords, meta descriptions, and custom URLs, ensuring your documentation ranks higher in search engine results.

    What makes Sundae different from other documentation tools?

    Sundae stands out by offering a no-code solution that integrates directly with, providing custom domain setup, interactive elements, scalability, and real-time updates.

    Is it possible to track engagement on my documentation site created with Sundae?

    Yes, Sundae allows for the integration of analytics tools, which can track user engagement, page views, and interaction with your content, providing valuable insights into your audience’s needs.

    Does Sundae support the use of custom domains for branding purposes?

    Absolutely. Sundae enables the use of custom domains for your published sites, allowing for a consistent brand experience from your documentation to your main website.