Elevate your Startup with Monday.com 

Startup development is no walk in the park but, with an arsenal of mean, lean, project management tools, it can be a wild and wonderful ride to the prize. Monday.com has transformed how startups streamline their operations, facilitate collaboration, and execute projects faster, better, and more creatively. 

The addition of specialized tools from Monday.com’s marketplace maximizes the platform’s utility, bringing tailored solutions to a staggering number of project management challenges. 

This guide will give you a taste of how to maximize Monday.com and dramatically optimize your project management and workflow—thanks to a better understanding of monday’s native features and the strange wildlife in monday.com’s expansive apps and integrations ecosystem.

1. Use templates and custom workflows

Customizing your workspace on Monday.com goes beyond just organizing tasks; it’s about creating an ecosystem that mirrors your startup's workflows and processes. 

By using templates or designing custom workflows, you can ensure that your project management style is catered to from the word “go”.

2. Centralize communication in monday.com

Make monday.com the hub for all project-related discussions, eliminating the need for disparate communication tools. This makes information readily accessible and streamlines decision-making processes. 

By adding Jotform’s integration, you can automatically funnel form responses from customer and trial group surveys or internal feedback forms into your Monday.com boards, ensuring all team members have access to vital insights and can act swiftly on new information.


Voicer by Boost Moveo Ltd. will let you record and share voicenotes on all your tasks. 

The Quickley app will automatically save your Whatsapp leads as items, filing names and numbers, and allowing you to respond to customer whatsapp without leaving your monday.com dashboard.

The Mailchimp integration can synchronize your marketing campaigns with your project management efforts. You can track campaign results and subscriber updates directly within Monday.com—a unified approach to project communications and marketing initiatives. 

There are plenty more translation, chat and mail integrations though, including Boost Gmail, Slack Integration, Jira, Zoom Phone Integration, and others, just browse monday’s app marketplace.

3. Max your efficiency with monday docs

The power of monday.com docs shouldn’t be underestimated. Monday.com’s Docs allow you to create a single source of truth for your startup by centralizing project plans, reports, protocols, and guidelines within monday docs. 

Not to mention product documentation, web content, blogs, and even copy for your marketing campaigns, which can be published as sleek, live websites using the Sundae app. 

Monday docs give all team members access to the information they need, when they need it, whether they’re learning, communicating, planning, or publishing. 

Docs are handy for: 

  • Real-time collaboration and feedback: Monday Docs support real-time editing and commenting, enabling multiple team members to work on documents simultaneously. This feature is invaluable for speeding up the review process, brainstorming, and ensuring that feedback is integrated efficiently.

  • Embeddable content for enhanced documentation: Enhance your documents by embedding boards, dashboards, timelines, and more directly within Monday Docs. This functionality provides a comprehensive view of projects and workflows, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Build and publish websites from inside monday.com

    Among the various app integrations available, Sundae by Crazy Ant Labs LLC has the unique ability to transform Monday Docs into professional, customizable, SEO websites that look sleek and respond fast.

    This extends the utility of Monday Docs beyond internal documentation, enabling startups to share knowledge bases, product guides, or help centers with a broader online audience at a fraction of the cost and effort.

    Benefits of Sundae for startups

  • Rapid website creation: Enables the building of various types of websites—help centers, blogs, wikis, event/sales pages, and documentation libraries—directly from Monday.com Docs in under a minute.

  • Streamlined content management: Leverages the familiar interface of Monday.com Docs for content creation and editing, while seamlessly transforming this content into public-facing websites.

  • No-code stylish templates: Offers a selection of sleek and professional design templates that don't require any coding, making it easy to achieve an engaging look.

  • High-speed site performance: Utilizes the latest technology and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to ensure websites are not only visually appealing but also perform exceptionally fast, even under high traffic.

  • Effortless customization: Allows for easy personalization of your website’s look and feel, including logos, brand palettes, and fonts, without the need for coding.

  • SEO optimization: Includes features for SEO optimization, such as adding titles, descriptions, and social cards, to improve site visibility on search engines.

  • Designed for scalability: Capable of handling high-traffic scenarios and large websites, ensuring scalability and robust performance as your startup grows.

  • User-friendly design: Sundae's platform is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, enabling startups to quickly select a website type, choose documents to publish, and showcase their site with distinctive branding elements.

  • Versatile applications: Ideal for creating comprehensive documentation sites, help centers for customer support, one-pagers for product launches or events, dedicated product sites, and engaging blogs for personal, team, or company updates.

  • Sundae's integration with Monday.com offers startups a comprehensive solution for creating diverse and interactive websites with ease, embodying a blend of speed, style, and scalability without the complexities of web development.

    As a part of your monday.com arsenal, Sundae is an invaluable tool for enhancing online presence and customer engagement in the early stages of startup growth—and beyond.

    Sundae’s own blog and documentation are published with the app, so check them out for a taste of what to expect.


    4.  Customize monday.com reporting and analytics

    To make the most of monday.com's reporting and analytics for insightful decision-making, here's a practical guide with direct links to the relevant documentation and tools:

  • Build custom dashboards for comprehensive insights: Start by creating dashboards that combine various widgets, like charts and timelines. This allows for a broad overview of your startup's operations, helping you visualize key data points and trends. For a step-by-step guide on setting up custom dashboards, refer to the Dashboards documentation on monday.com.

  • Utilize visualization tools for clearer data interpretation: Transform complex datasets into easy-to-understand visuals. This simplifies data analysis, enabling quick identification of trends and facilitating data-backed decisions. For strategies on presenting data clearly, explore monday.com's board views.

  • Track and monitor KPIs for goal alignment: Define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your startup’s objectives by setting up a KPI dashboard. Adjust your strategies based on actionable insights to ensure you meet your goals efficiently. 

  • Implement Retrospective Tools for in-depth analysis: Use Retrospective Tools by SNG Technologies Ltd. for detailed project retrospectives, animations of project histories, charts, and statistics. This tool helps in deriving actionable insights to refine strategies. 

  • image

    There are plenty of analytics and reporting tools available via the marketplace, including popular integrations and custom apps, so shop around and find what best suits your needs.

    5. Explore monday’s app and integration marketplace

    The marketplace is brimming with apps that will change the way you see monday.com.

    Unlimited Subitems by Adaptavist introduces multiple layers of subitems, adding depth and clarity to project structures. This is key to breaking down very complex projects into manageable tasks.

    Same Item Multiple Boards by Formula Lookout lets you combine items from many boards into a single master board, share automations and columns between boards, and more.

    SuperForm by Spot-nik is another game changer, which revolutionizes data collection and idea capture within your boards. SuperForm allows for detailed and structured input directly into your monday.com workspace, so you can refine product development processes and customer feedback loops.

    Monday’s workspace is already multi-featured but, just in case you feel there’s something “missing”, you’ll likely find a tool in the app marketplace to fill the gap. There are hundreds of apps in the marketplace, and each one brings unique features and functionality to the mix.

    6. Automate with monday.com

    Finally, automating routine tasks is paramount to maintaining project momentum and reducing the cognitive load on your team. Monday.com's automation features allow for automatic task assignments, updates, and notifications, to streamline your daily startup operations. 

    Here’s a practical step guide to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to automate and save your team time and money.

    Identify repetitive tasks

    Identify operations ripe for automation, such including PM tasks, HR processes, and customer support activities. Conduct a comprehensive review with your team to highlight repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Familiarize yourself with monday.com's Automation Templates to understand potential automations.

  • Automate task assignments and status updates: Automate the delegation of tasks and progression updates to streamline your workflow. Implement automations like "When a status changes to something, assign someone" to efficiently assign tasks. 

  • Implement automated notification systems: Set up automated notifications to keep your team updated with deadline reminders and status changes. Utilize "When a date arrives, notify someone" automation for timely alerts. Explore monday.com's guide on Notification Automations for more details.

  • Set up dependency management: Ensure dynamic adjustment of tasks based on dependencies to maintain project fluidity. Use automations such as "When a status changes, move item to group" to reflect task dependencies. 

  • Integrate and customize with strategic automation apps: Innovative apps like Recurring Tasks by Adaptavist can help you set and schedule multiple tasks with a single click, see repetitive tasks scheduled on your boards, calendar, timelines, Kanban, and reports.This may seem like a minor upgrade, but it will cut hours of your project management flow.

  • Bottlenecks  by Serandibsoft can correlate and analyze project components to identify and address workflow bottlenecks automatically, optimizing task flow and ensuring projects stay on track.


    Others, like Links Explorer by Optimizory Technologies, can provide a bird's-eye view of task dependencies and relationships, enabling automated adjustments to project timelines and resources based on real-time changes. This ensures a dynamic and responsive project management environment that adapts to your startup's evolving needs.


    Each app brings unique functionality to your startup's operations. Visit the App Marketplace to integrate these solutions in just a few clicks.

  • Design your automations: Tailor automation rules to your startup's specific needs, starting with simple rules and advancing to more complex setups. monday.com's Automation Builder offers an intuitive interface to guide you through the process.

  • Monitor and optimize automations: Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your automations and make necessary adjustments. Monitor automation logs and solicit team feedback to refine your strategies. 

  • Adhering to best practices in monitoring automations will ensure your operations remain efficient and responsive to your startup's evolving needs.

    In conclusion

    If you’ve made it all this way, it should be clear that monday.com has the potential to become your base of operations in the truest sense of the term— a centralized hub for both in-house and remote or hybrid teams, covering everything from project planning to customer analytics and publishing content.

    The right tools set you off on the right foot, cultivating a collaborative, informed, and agile work culture for sustained growth and innovation. 

    Plus, the deep but not unpleasant waters of monday.com’s app marketplace features apps and integrations that can solve even the most unique project management challenges your startup faces. 

    From enhancing project structure to streamlining data collection, improving communication with stakeholders, and building websites straight from your monday docs, the right apps can transform your project management approach. 

    Begin by integrating apps, like Sundae, Unlimited Subitems, and SuperForm, that address your immediate needs, try them, try others, and go from there.As your startup evolves, so will your project management needs. 

    Regularly review the effectiveness of integrated apps and explore new additions from monday.com’s marketplace to continuously enhance your startup PM capabilities.