How to Build a Knowledge Base with

Transparency is central to trust, and not just within teams but also in how businesses communicate with potential and existing customers., known for its intuitive project management platform and collaborative tools, offers Docs as a solution for teams to document, share, and manage knowledge effortlessly in a centralized space. 

What’s more, this platform is no longer just for internal use; it's a gateway to continuous learning and information marketing, with resources accessible to everyone, including potential customers.

Enter Sundae for monday, a tool that transforms these internal monday documents into publicly accessible, professional websites. 

This innovation allows businesses to extend their transparency beyond their internal teams, sharing valuable, media-rich knowledge bases with customers and the wider public. 

By simplifying the process of online publishing straight from your monday docs, Sundae ensures that the flow of information is not just between team members but also reaches those outside the organization. 

Understanding Docs Docs is a dynamic tool within the platform. It elevates the way teams document, share, and handle their knowledge. 

It's a space where ideas are developed, refined, and distributed. Here, we explore the attributes that make Docs an ideal base for crafting an extensive knowledge base.

Built for teamwork

A key attribute of Docs is its ability to support team members working on documents together in real-time. 

This allows for immediate edits, comments, and feedback, ensuring that the process of creating knowledge is a shared effort, enriched by the diverse perspectives within the team.

What’s more, your docs stay highly organized with the help of color coded boards and accessible menus.

Multimedia integration

A modern knowledge base transcends text. To cater to this, Docs allows for the inclusion of various media types, such as images, videos, code snippets, and links, enabling the creation of vibrant, interactive content. 

This makes the knowledge base more informative and far more engaging for different types of learners.

Access anywhere

The ability to access information from anywhere is essential, especially where remote and hybrid workers are on the team. Docs ensures that team members can add to and use the knowledge base on any device, supporting teams that are always on the move and ensuring that important information is always within reach.

Connected and automated Docs integrates seamlessly with the wider environment. 

This allows for the inclusion of dynamic elements like project timelines and task lists directly in your documents, turning the knowledge base into an active element of your project management tools.

Tailored and organized

The ability to tailor the knowledge base to fit the specific needs and structure of your team is vital. Docs offers a range of customization options, allowing for a personalized layout and systematic organization of content. This ensures that your knowledge base can adapt and expand alongside your team, staying relevant and easy to navigate.

In essence, Docs lays a solid groundwork for a knowledge base through its teamwork-oriented design, multimedia support, universal access, seamless connections, and adaptability. 

These features make it easier to compile and manage knowledge, as well as to ensure that the knowledge base is dynamic, engaging, and accessible to everyone on the team.

Next, we'll look at how Sundae for Monday builds on this foundation, turning internal documents into public-facing resources that benefit not just your team but also your customers and the broader community, boosting your brand image in the process.

Introducing Sundae for Monday

Sundae for Monday is how you take all your hard work and collaboration online, transforming Docs into professional websites and media-rich public documentation. 

This tool extends the reach of internal documents, turning them into customer-facing sites with ease. Let's look at Sundae's key features—they’re awesome!

Fast website creation

Sundae enables the quick transformation of documents into websites. This efficiency means teams can share updates or publish knowledge bases in just a few clicks, without the complexity of traditional web development. 

The content, media and formatting you put into your docs is retained through publishing. 

Streamlined content management

Content updates in Docs automatically sync to your Sundae website, streamlining content management, only one click on the “Publish Changes” button is required. 

This ensures your audience always accesses the most current information.

Built-in Search

Sundae sites and knowledge bases feature a built-in Search function that covers all content and allows for ease of access and navigation through your site—no matter how extensive your documentation.


Sundae’s own documentation is published with the app, so why not check out this feature in action, here.

Customizable templates

Sundae offers templates that are stylish and adaptable to your brand, ensuring your website looks professional and aligns with your brand identity without the need for design skills.

Optimized performance

Websites built with Sundae look sleek and professional but load quickly, keeping visitors engaged and ensuring a smooth user experience. Fast performance satisfies the high expectation of users in 2024 and beyond.

SEO features

Sundae optimizes your website for search engines with customizable SEO settings, essential for reaching a broader audience and increasing the impact of your shared knowledge.


Sundae for monday simplifies the process of making your team's work public, ensuring the transition from internal documentation to public websites is as efficient as it gets. 

By focusing on creation speed, management ease, design flexibility, performance, and discoverability, Sundae changes how knowledge is shared beyond your team and with the public—and it all happens straight from

The combined power of Docs and Sundae

The integration of Docs and Sundae creates a powerful ecosystem for online documentation and knowledge base creation, acting as a PMIS, CMS, website builder, host, and publisher in one. 

This synergy means teams can collaborate internally on their knowledge bases and then share their work with the world through customer-facing websites—all from

Here's how these tools work together:

Seamless integration as a CMS Docs acts as the CMS, where teams create and organize documentation. Sundae then publishes this content as a professional website, eliminating the need for separate CMS and website management tools.

Effortless website building and hosting

With Sundae, there's no need to code or manage a hosting environment. It automatically converts your Docs into web pages, ensuring your site is always available and responsive.

Near-instant updates

The ability to update your website nearly instantly is a massive benefit. Changes made in Docs reflect on your Sundae website with just a few clicks, invaluable for maintaining an up-to-date knowledge base.

Customization without coding

Sundae's customizable templates and SEO features allow teams to tailor their websites to their brand identity and optimize for search engines without coding knowledge, ensuring even teams without technical expertise can create professional online documentation sites.

Scalability for high-traffic websites Docs and Sundae are built to scale, supporting high-traffic websites efficiently. This ensures your website remains fast and accessible, even as your audience grows.


Together, Docs and Sundae offer an efficient approach to making internal collaboration and documentation public. This integration simplifies creating, managing, and publishing online content, allowing teams to focus on creating valuable content for their audience.

Getting started with your knowledge base

To launch a knowledge base with Docs and Sundae, follow these steps.

Setting up in Docs

  • Initiate your document: Create a document in for your knowledge base. Create as many as you want, and keep them organized in boards.

  • image
  • Organize and populate: Structure your document with clear headings and fill it with relevant content, including text, code snippets, images, and links.

  • Installing and using Sundae

  • Find and install Sundae: Go to "Sundae for Monday" in the app marketplace and install it.

  • Select and customize: Choose the document you've prepared by going to the Sundae tab in your workspace, then clicking “Add new page” and choosing your source.

  • image
  • Add your cover images, details and SEO metadata: Fill out all the fields in the pop up window to ensure your article is SEO and ready to engage readers in the SERPs.

  • image
  • Publish your site: Publish your document as a website. Sundae will provide a link to your new knowledge base, with your chosen domain name.

  • For a detailed guide, watch this:

    Best practices for building a knowledge base

    To ensure your knowledge base is not only comprehensive but also user-friendly and engaging, consider these best practices:

  • Use clear headings and subheadings: Organize content to help users quickly find the information they need.

  • Implement a logical structure: While Sundae sites do include built-in search, it’s still important to arrange your documents logically, grouping related topics for easier navigation.

  • Engage with multimedia: Enhance your content with images, videos, and infographics to cater to various learning styles and keep users engaged.

  • Regular reviews: Periodically review your knowledge base to update outdated information and add new insights, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

  • Gather user feedback: Encourage feedback to understand user needs and areas for improvement, allowing you to refine and expand your knowledge base effectively.

  • Monitor performance: Use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track user engagement and identify the most valuable content, helping you focus your efforts on what matters most to your audience.

  • These practices will help you create a knowledge base that serves as a valuable resource for your audience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    In conclusion

    A comprehensive and engaging knowledge base is the best way to share valuable information with your team, customers, and the great wide world. The combination of Docs and Sundae is of unparalleled convenience in this space. 

    It’s important to remember that efficiency means saved money, and an up-to-date knowledge base means informed and satisfied customers who know they can rely on transparency and accuracy in the information you publish. Docs provides a collaborative platform for drafting and organizing content, while Sundae transforms this content into professional, SEO-optimized websites that are accessible to anyone.

    Reflecting on the benefits:

  • Collaborative content creation: Docs facilitates teamwork, allowing for a richer, more diverse knowledge base.

  • Effortless publishing: Sundae's quick transformation of documents into websites is the quickest way to share knowledge publicly.

  • Customization and SEO: With Sundae, you can easily tailor your site to match your brand and improve visibility without needing technical skills.

  • These tools simplify the process of creating, managing, and publishing valuable information, making it accessible to users of all technical levels.

    Get started and share your journey:

  • Explore more resources here:

  • Then, begin with Docs to organize and collaborate on your content.

  • Use Sundae for Monday to effortlessly publish your knowledge base online.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Can I customize the look of my knowledge base created with Docs and Sundae?

    Yes, you can customize your knowledge base extensively. Sundae offers a variety of templates and document design options that let you adjust the look and feel of your site to match your brand, all without needing any coding skills.

    How scalable is a knowledge base built with Docs and Sundae?

    Knowledge bases built with these tools are highly scalable. Sundae is designed to efficiently handle websites with high traffic and large volumes of content, ensuring your knowledge base can grow with your organization's needs.

    Does Sundae provide SEO optimization for knowledge bases?

    Absolutely. Sundae includes SEO optimization features like customizable titles, descriptions, and social media cards to help your site become more visible and rank higher in search engine results.

    How can I integrate analytics into my Sundae-published knowledge base?

    Besides Google Analytics, Sundae supports the integration of various analytics tools through custom code features, allowing you to track user engagement, page views, and other important metrics. This data can help you understand how visitors interact with your knowledge base and guide improvements.

    Is there a way to keep my knowledge base updated easily?

    Yes, one of the key advantages of using Docs and Sundae is the ease of updating your content. Changes made in your Docs can be instantly published to your Sundae site with just a click, so your knowledge base remains up-to-date with minimal effort.

    Can I use my own domain for a knowledge base created with Sundae?

    Yes, Sundae lets you use custom domains for your knowledge base, enabling you to maintain brand consistency and make your knowledge base easily identifiable to your audience.