How Can I Share Information From Monday Docs With My Customers? has established itself as a versatile work operating system that serves over 180 thousand customers across various industries.’s on an upward trend as more and more companies enjoy its benefits as a streamlining platform for internal project management, workflow processing, collaboration, and documentation filing.

Yet, extending the wealth of information companies store in the platform to customers has often required additional steps or tools outside of, which is a pity because the platform makes a neat base of operations.


Traditionally, users looking to share docs directly from have opted for features like view-only presentation mode, direct or social link sharing, or plain old PDF export.

As of October 2023, however, your workflow can now include publishing. Not just publishing a basic doc, but publishing a selection of product docs, a documentation library, wiki, and more, as a fully customized webpage, direct from your workspace—with Sundae.

Sundae is the one integration that bridges the communication gap by turning your docs into customer-friendly websites—and there’s no coding required, and no external steps or costly tools you’ll need to master. 

In this post, we’ll explore how you can use's built-in sharing and access features. Then, we’ll move on to the new Sundae integration to take your customer communication and marketing flow up a notch.

Making the most of's built-in sharing tools

Reaching out with workdocs

Before exploring the revolutionary world of Sundae, it's worth revisiting Monday’s core sharing capabilities :

Presentation Mode: Ideal for webinars or live demonstrations of your project dashboard, this mode provides a clean, distraction-free way to display your Workdocs. It’s ideal for onboarding and even investor engagement.


Export Options: When you need to distribute documentation outside of, exporting Workdocs to PDF and boards to XLS is a straightforward solution. 

You can then upload to a cloud such as Google Drive, or even email the document, but you’ll need careful document design and a branded email or sharing solution to keep things professional.

Public Sharing: For broader dissemination, creating a public link to your boards or docs can be a useful way to share information with a click​. 

You can broadcast this link directly to your stakeholders or via social media like Instagram or LinkedIn. 

Just keep in mind that this kind of access means pages and boards will retain the look, feel, and branding, while losing features like boards, charts, and widgets, which may not be appropriate for client communications. Also, this option is only available on higher tier plans.

The Guest Pass

Guest Access: Sometimes, you need to give clients a peek behind the curtain. Granting guest access to specified boards and dashboards lets clients and investors see the progress in real-time, fostering transparency and trust. 

However, this option works for boards/dashboards only, and doesn’t allow access to your document library or even sections of it.


Despite there being no direct invite option specifically for Workdocs, you do have the flexibility to share documents which, in turn, constitute user invitations. What’s more, when you invite a guest user, they will also have access to any docs directly embedded in the board you invited them to.


One of’s  lesser-known yet powerful features is the ability to embed Workdocs directly within boards. By adding a 'Doc' or 'Files' column, you can create and manage documents right within the context of a board. These embedded docs provide a streamlined view and won't crowd your sidebar, maintaining a clean but comprehensive workspace.


Look—presentation is everything when it comes to sharing company, project, or product information with clients. It’s a symbol of your professionalism, and the way you present information can make or break the customer journey. 

While the above options are quick, handy, and perfect for certain scenarios, style, format, and access limitations, among others, mean that this option isn’t exactly ideal for client communication and marketing purposes.

That’s where Sundae comes in.

Unveiling Sundae: a sweet solution for publishing

Sundae and are a perfect flavor combo

What is Sundae? It's an innovative new app for from Crazy Ant Labs, designed to convert your Workdocs into sleek, professional websites that your customers (and the public) can access with ease.


The seamless transition: With Sundae, you take your new or existing workdocs and choose which ones to publish online, crafting an informative and interactive customer experience without the need for a developer or a designer. 

What’s more, if your workdocs are already nicely formatted with varied blocks, most of these blocks are supported by the Sundae publisher too—so you can retain your formatting if you choose to!

Setting Up Your Sundae Site

Connect and select: Connecting Sundae with your account is a breeze. Simply sign into, visit the app marketplace, search for Sundae and click “Install”. Once installed, select the Workdocs you want to share and transform into a custom website with elegant templates and building coding required.


Customization at your fingertips, without the branding: Whether it’s a knowledge base, corporate info page, resume page, product wiki, or a customer service hub, Sundae’s templates allow you to tailor the website's look to fit your brand requirements.


Why choose Sundae?

Well, it doesn’t get better than a sleek and customized SEO website in 3 easy steps, straight from your docs.


No external steps: Sundae eliminates the need for external tools or complicated processes. Your documentation goes from to the web in a few clicks, literally.

One-click updates: Make an edit in your workdoc, then publish changes to your Sundae site in one easy click. Your clients never miss out on the latest info.


Optimized for engagement: From SEO tools to custom domains, Sundae ensures that your content is not just seen but also resonates with your audience. 

In conclusion: sharing with style and efficiency

With and Sundae, sharing information with customers is no longer a chore but a streamlined extension of your workflow. You now have the ability to see projects through from ideation to publication without ever leaving your home base.

The integration of these tools could mark an evolution in customer communication for your brand—sophisticated, efficient, and ultimately user-friendly. Sundae is the perfect flavor mix, one scoop streamlined, one scoop customizable, one scoop scalable, one scoop SEO.

Ready to transform your customer comms?

Step up your game with's sharing features and let Sundae handle information marketing with its streamlined no-code site builder. You can explore's capabilities here, and get your scoops of Sundae by creating your first website here.

Frequently asked questions

How does sharing work on

Sharing on can be done in several ways. You can create a public link to share a secure, read-only version of your workdocs with anyone outside of your account. This link provides a snapshot of your document that is updated online in intervals, but note that the document shared via this link is static and non-interactive​.

What is Sundae and how does it integrate with

Sundae is a integration that converts your docs into SEO-optimized, customer-friendly websites. It allows you to manage your content on while handling the technical details of site creation and management within Sundae, all from your workspace. This integration offers fast web experiences, site customization, domain addition, and SEO management without the need for coding​.

Can I export my docs to PDF?

Yes, allows you to export your workdocs to PDF. This can be useful when you need to share documents in a more traditional format or attach them to emails. However, exporting to PDF is a manual process and won't have the dynamic updating capabilities of a web-based solution like Sundae​.

Is it possible to create a website without coding using and Sundae?

Absolutely. Sundae's code-free site creator lets you take the content authored in and turn it into a professional-looking site connected to your domain. This makes it easy for anyone, regardless of technical skill, to create and manage a website​.

How do I set up a website with Sundae?

To create a website using Sundae, you need to install the Sundae app from's marketplace, select the type of website you want to create, choose the docs to publish, and then customize your site with the templates provided. Sundae will guide you through the process with on-screen instructions​.

Is the Sundae integration free to use?

Sundae offers a free plan that you can use indefinitely, but it comes with limited features. If you require more advanced features or greater capacity, you would need to consider upgrading to a paid plan​.

Can Sundae handle large or high-traffic websites?

Yes, Sundae is built to generate static HTML files that are optimized for speed and performance. With the integration of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Sundae can efficiently handle large and high-traffic websites, ensuring scalability and performance​.

What support does Sundae offer?

Sundae provides support via email for any questions or feedback. They are available to assist with setting up your site, troubleshooting issues, or providing guidance on how to make the most of their service​.

What are the limitations of's public link sharing?

The public link for a workdoc is read-only, and the content isn't interactive. Mentions, linked items, and boards are displayed as text without links. Files, attached videos, comments, and embedded boards or widgets will not be visible to maintain account privacy. Additionally, changes to the content are not updated in real time but refreshed periodically​.

Does Sundae offer SEO optimization for the websites created?

Yes, Sundae includes SEO tools to help optimize your site. You can add titles, descriptions, and social cards to enhance visibility and search engine rankings. This ensures that the content reaches the intended audience effectively​.